Monday, December 3, 2012

My Tiny Little Tree

This tiny little tree might be it for the Cesare family this year.

In years past, we would go out the day after Thanksgiving and get a real tree at Home Depot or Lowes.  My husband would get the ladder and take a trip up to the attic for the decorations.   I have tons of handmade decorations that I have accumulated over the years. We would keep it up until after New Years because I just loved the holiday decorations in my home.  

However, this year my poor husband is suffering from terrible allergies and sinus trouble.  I know that bringing a tree in the house would be miserable for him.  I have a 3 foot artificial tree that I could put on a table, but I even worry about that.

So, I put a tiny tree on our dresser in the bedroom and decorated with some miniature ornaments that I bought a few years ago.

Fa La  La La La, La La La La

I'm a Blobber!

My mother cracks me up.  For as long as I can remember, she has mis-pronounced words.  Belks (as in Belk Lindsey) has always been "Belts";  Wal Mart is "Wal Mark", alsheimers is "oldtimers", and don't even ask her to say - cholesteral.

However, a few weeks ago, she topped herself.  I had been asking my parents to check out my blog for some time.  Since my mother doesn't touch the computer, my father was in charge of pulling it up.  I called my mother to check in one morning and she informed me that they had finally seen my "blob".  I was in hysterics. 

Mom, if you read this - I'm not making fun.  It's this kind of stuff that makes you so endearing and such a good mother.  I love you!

But, if this is a "blob", that makes me a "blobber"!