Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Playing with the Gelli Again.

The best thing about gelli printing is that there is, virtually, no cleanup.  When I want to do something....yet....not get too involved...I slap some paint on the Gelli Plate.  Here are some papers that I made to use in collages....and a pic of my table, as proof that I was, actually, working.

Here are some of the, handmade, stamps and masks that I use for texture.

That's it.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Art Journalling Workshop

I mentioned a few days ago that I was taking an online workshop, Tracy Bautista's Art Journal Play Live 2015.

After the first two lessons, this is what I've created.  The first lesson was Circle Abstract Patterns.  Basically, she was teaching how to use the brush freely, play with different colors, etc.

The second was Floral Prints and Patterns.  I didn't have all of the supplies that she used for this tutorial.  It would have been better when Golden High Flow Paint.  She also used a paint applicator with a very, very thin tip to draw the outlines and miscellaneous marks in black paint.  My applicator was slightly larger, so I ended up with some thick lines and big blobs of paint.  Oh well!

I'm enjoying this and getting some, much needed, inspiration.


Gelli Printing Tape

I watched this video about making tape with your Gelli Printing Plate and figured that I would give it a try.

Gelli Transfer Tape

It was easy and I plan to make more.

I used regular clear packing tape, acrylic paint, and rubber stamps.  When I pulled the print from the plate, I put it on a book page.  I could have used the Perfect Pearl powders for a shimmery addition or just left the empty areas clear.

There are lots of  uses for the tapes, ie:  collage pieces, decorate a gift or mailer.  You could use it on art journal pages.

People are so CREATIVE!!

While I was in the mood, I also made a tag/bookmark with Dylusions alcohol ink, Golden acrylic paint, rubber stamps, book pages from a "shorthand" book.  I liked the colors so I did the same thing on a cut up cereal box (thank you mother, for saving all of your cereal boxes for me).  I will probably make a few copies on regular copy paper and use them as backgrounds or collage papers.

That's it!


Monday, February 16, 2015

Colorful Bird


I made this little piece a couple months ago.

I was, actually, making it as a Christmas gift for my mother.  She likes birds.  However, I don't think she's really that crazy about the style of my art, so I gave her a gift card instead.  
This technique is so easy.  I used the same technique for this one
I covered the substrate with a decorative napkin, sealed it with gel medium, drew the bird using a stencil, then painted the rest with, watered down, white gesso.  I finished it off with some stamping and charcoal pencil around the bird.  That's it.
These would make cute cards.  Maybe I will try that next.  Although, I am always saying that I'm going to turn everything into cute cards. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Distressed "Paris" Dining Table

I love the distressed tables that I've seen on Graphic's Fairy and Pinterest, so I was very happy when I found an old, pedestal, table that turned out to be perfect for this project.

The table was solid wood with a very dark stain.  As anyone with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint experience knows, there isn't any need for sanding....just slap the paint on.  Actually, for the first time ever, I let my husband do the "slapping" of the paint.  He's much faster and neater than I am. 

We applied two coats.  It dries very fast.  I used sand paper for the "distressing".  As I've learned in many Youtube videos, you sand the edges and corners so that it looks like it has been, naturally, abused over the years.

I found the "Paris Wreath" graphic on Graphic's Fairy, of course, then had it enlarged at the copy store.  It was transferred to the table with carbon paper, then I used acrylic paint and a very tiny brush.

After the design was completely dry, I sealed the entire table with Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

Have a wonderful day!!


Distressed Coffee Table with Graphics Fairy Design

Since I haven't posted in quite a while, I'll show you what I have managed to accomplish in the interim.

I bought this, little, table last year, along with several other pieces. 

Originally, brown stain, I brushed on two coats of Annie Sloan, Old White, Chalk Paint.

Then, I found the Hotel Perrine graphic at my favorite sight, The Graphics Fairy, made a copy on my copier, but couldn't get it large enough, so I made the copy at the copy store.

Unable to find my carbon transfer paper in black or dark blue, I had to use yellow.  It, of course, was very hard to see so I went over it with a pencil.


Then painted the letters with black acrylic paint.


I used a little sanding block to distress the edges, then applied a coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax.  I ran out of wax, so the legs aren't finished.  This, of course, gives me an excuse to buy some new Annie Sloan colors with my wax order.

I'm pleased with the way it turned out.

My sister has gotten into the Annie Sloan paints.  I'll post some of her things in the future.  She's actually doing an entire dining set (way to big of a project for me).  She's also painted her bathroom cabinets and they look great!



Thursday, February 12, 2015

Where Have I Been?????

I haven't posted on my blog for almost a year.  I've been in an "inspiration slump".  However, I'm over it (or, at least, I think that I am). 

I'm taking a workshop to, hopefully, put an end to my lazy ways.  It's called ART. JOURNAL. PLAY Live 2015.  I've loved Traci Bautista for a long time and look forward to the experience.  Here's a link if anyone's interested.

I have an art room overflowing with supplies that need to be used (so that I won't feel guilty when I buy more......did I just say that???)