Saturday, July 15, 2017

Out with the Old..In with the NEW!

It's time for some Spring cleaning.....ok, maybe it's summer cleaning.  I'm selling all of my Creative Heart Monday art.  It's priced to MOVE!

Aside from the fact that my art room is way too crowded, I'm also planning my December, New York trip, so I thought I would try to make some money to spend at Blicks while I'm there.  We don't have a Blicks in my area, so that's always a treat.

I've also thrown in a few pieces from other videos.  I've listed them all on Etsy.  Even though it says that I'll only ship in the U.S., I will do international shipping.  You will just need to contact me so that I can check the cost of postage.

Here are a couple pieces that I have in the Etsy shop!  You can see them all HERE!

Checkout my Etsy Store!



Monday, July 10, 2017

Creative Heart Monday - The We in Me

Happy Creative Heart Monday!!

One of my dear subscribers, shared a Ted Talk video with me a couple days ago.  The woman giving the talk used the phase "the we in me".  I just loved that.  That phrase inspired this piece of art. Actually, I did a very large painting, similar to this one a few weeks ago, but with the original painting, I wasn't really thinking......just drawing shapes.  This time, it had a little more meaning.

Here we go...............


Canson XL Watercolor Paper 11" X 15" 
Miscellaneous Acrylic Paint
FW Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks
Bombay India Inks
Fineline Bottle  
Black Faber Castel Pen

If you would like to see the Ted Talk, here's the link:

Have a great Monday and a wonderful week!!



Monday, July 3, 2017

#CreativeHeartMonday - Cathedral - An Acrylic Painting

Happy Creative Heart Monday!!

I'm Back!!  I haven't been doing my Monday videos for a few weeks.  I've just had too many personal things going on to be able to feel the inspiration that I need to paint. we go again.  I grabbed some acrylic paints and a couple acrylic inks and started making a mess.


11" X 14" Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Miscellaneous acrylic paint
FW Daler Rowney Acrylic Paints
Bombay India Inks
Archival Black Pen
White Charcoal Pencil
Fineline Bottles with black and white acrylic paint

This painting is for sale.  The price is $50 and if you would like to purchase this painting, just send me an email to and I will send you an invoice that you can pay with a credit card, debit card, or echeck.

Within the next couple weeks, I'm going to offer all of my Creative Heart Monday paintings for sale. I'm trying to decide how I want to set up the items for sale.  I need to make some room in my art room and, also, need to put together some money for my December "sister" trip to New York City. So, I'll be offering these pieces at very discounted prices.  I'll announce the sale here and on my Facebook Group - Mixed Media Passion.

Have a wonderful Monday and a great week!!  And....have 4th of July!!



Monday, May 29, 2017

Creative Heart Monday - Monet's Waterlilies in India Inks

Happy Creative Heart Monday (and Memorial Day)!

This month, I was inspired by Claude Monet for my Inspiration From The GREATS project.  I painted his waterlilies with acrylic paint.  When I finished, I wanted to try it again with inks, so that's what I did in this piece.

Here we go.............................


Yupo Paper 11" X 14"
Dr. PH Martens Bombay India Inks

I really enjoyed this style and am looking forward to trying it again.  You could also use acrylic inks. Check out the acrylic painting piece that I did for Inspiration From The GREATS!

Have a great Memorial Day and a wonderful week.



Monday, May 22, 2017

Creative Heart Monday - Technicolor Leaves

Happy Creative Heart Monday!

Today I'm creating a very colorful, abstract painting on watercolor paper.  This is a very easy and fun way to start a painting.  You don't have to stress over what you are going to do or how you are going to do......just play.

Here we go...............................

Canson XL Watercolor Paper 11" X 15" 
Daler Rowney System 3-Neon Pink
Daler Rowney System 3-Cadmium Red Deep
Daler Rowney System 3-Cadmium Yellow Deep
Daler Rowney System 3-Process Cyan
Dylusions Paint 
Golden Quinacridone Magenta 
Daler Rowney System 3 Titanium White
Liquitex Black Acrylic 
Bombay India Inks
Fineline Bottle  

Have a great Monday and a wonderful week.



Thursday, May 18, 2017

Welcome to Art Journal JAZZ

Oh boy......I really am rambling on this one!  You may want to turn down the volume.  I've been with my parents in and out of hospitals and doctor's offices or the past few weeks, so I've gotten on a jag about our bodies....our health....our body images issues, etc.

So watch at your own we go.................

Mixed Media Paper
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Sprays
Lindy's Stamp Gang Sprays
Black Acrylic Paint mixed with water in a Fineline Bottle
Pigma Micron Black Pen
Gel Pens
Paint Pens
Matte Gel Medium

Thanks for watching!  Share your art journal pages in our Facebook Group - Art Journal JAZZ.



Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Creative Heart Monday - Strong Women

Happy Creative Heart Monday......on Wednesday!

First, I'd like to apologize for missing two Mondays.  I've had a crazy couple of weeks.  My parents have been in and out of doctor's appointments and the hospital.  Even though they are only in their 70's (so not super old yet LOL), I still feel it necessary to accompany them to their important appointments and, of course, when they're in the hospital.

On top of that, I have another art festival this weekend and have been trying to make some new art, get organized, packed, etc.

So today's video is actually a project that I did for Gel Press a couple month's ago for their blog.  The video was never "public", so you might not have seen it.  If you did already see it, I've also put another (very small) project video up on YouTube.

So here we go with the first one...........................

................and here's the second one................

I hope to get back on track next week.  Thank you for your patience.

Have a great week!