Thursday, February 14, 2013

I love my Art Supplies!

I've already admitted to being a procrastinator.  Well, I'm also an art supply hoarder.

Today is my anniversary.  Yes, we got married on Valentine's day 23 years ago so that it would be easy to remember our anniversary.  So much for that idea.

I walked downstairs this morning to find 2 cards on the kitchen counter from my husband - one anniversary, one Valentine's Day.  After the first couple years of marriage we just stopped making a big deal out of holidays.  We don't buy each other Christmas presents or birthday presents.  It's not because we are cheap or don't care about each other.  Presents just are not important to us.  This is one of the things that makes our marriage work - we are pretty laid back people.  But this morning I walk down and see those CARDS.  On one hand, I was very happy and touched.  On the other hand, "CRAP! I didn't get him a card!"  I better run into town and pick up a card.

Wait a minute!!!!!  I'm a crafter (I'm an artist in my own mind).  Why would I ever buy a card.  So here is my 5 minute card.  The great thing is that my husband doesn't know that there's such a thing as washi tape or little plastic letters that come with glitter already on them.  He will think that I spent at least 20 minutes on it!  I would have pulled out the ink sprays, embossing powder, and stencils but I was afraid he would show up before I finished.

And, I can tell this story because he never reads my blog.

I wonder if he will notice that I didn't put the first "r" in "anniversary"

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