Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lola's Garden Update

A couple months ago, my friend Candi, started creating a little memorial garden for her, beloved, Lola.  I helped her get it started.  We painted some vines and grass, but the rains came and we weren't able to get any further.

We got back to work today, painting flowers.  The flowers were a little more difficult than I thought they would be, but it's coming along.

We did have one little incident today.  There is a big, beautiful (some type of hound) dog that stops by every day to visit Candi's little dogs.  Candi was painting some flowers at the bottom of the wall and, evidently, they looked so real that  Jed, the dog, walked right up to them and lifted his leg. I guess he was doing his own spray painting.

Just like last time, the rain started around 6:00 putting an end to our painting day.  We still have more work to do, but here are the latest pictures.

Lola's Garden original blog post

Little Lola

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