Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fast Women and Moonshine!

My grandfather is 94.  However, he tells everyone that he is 99 and will be celebrating his 100th birthday in a couple months.  I don't know why he has this number in his head, but we just go with it and will be congratulating him on his 100th this May.

He also loves to tell people that he owes his advanced age to moonshine and fast women.  This is also pretty funny because he's never been a drinker and he is extremely conservative.  Certainly not the kind of man that would play around.  Actually, he did go through a period where he would drink one beer a day out of a coffee cup.  He did this for medicinal purposes, of course.  He said that he had to drink the beer for his kidneys.

When my grandfather was in his 70's, he would tell us that "he's not much longer for this world".  Or he would say "your old grandpa isn't going to be around that much longer".  I think he is totally shocked that he has lived this long.

He also calls square dancing at the drop of a hat.  Usually on his way to or from the bathroom, he'll stop and sing his favorite square dancing song.

Sixteen hands and roll that wheel, the more you dance, the better you feel - - - now drop your hands and fall in line, ladies in the lead and the gents behind - - - swing your partner - - - round that corner as you come down, right and left all the way around - - - promenade - - - 

The man is a trip.  He has lived life by his own set of rules.  Always confident that he was right and everyone else was wrong and probably out to cheat him in some way.  He hated Democrats and loved antique cars.  He started out working in the coal mines of West Virginia and retired from a large construction company in Washington DC.  Like many of his contemporaries, he moved to Florida after retirement.  He worked on his antique cars, took care of is year and went bowling twice a week.

I don't see him as often as I should, but it will be strange when he's not around anymore.

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