Monday, March 4, 2013

New Collage and Two Girls

My sister came to visit the other day.  She spent the night because her husband was doing a sleep study.  This gave us the opportunity to gossip and create some art.

She taught me how to draw cats and I taught her how to do gel transfers.  She's writing a children's book about a cat that finds a home.  My sister has always been able to paint.  A couple years ago, she gave  me a beautiful hat box that she had painted.

While we gabbed, I taught her about gel medium and she transferred a photocopy of an old map onto a canvas.  It turned out perfectly.

Here's the collage that I just finished.  I started out with two transfers on the blank canvas, then started layering on top.

Last night I did some doodling while watching "Girls" and "Enlightened" on TV.  I'd like to add these girls to a collage.

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