Friday, June 14, 2013

More Zendoodling While Watching Dance Moms

In between yelling at the TV while I was watching "Dance Moms" last night, I did a little Zentangle/Doodling. Every week I swear that I will never watch that show again, but I'm weak when it comes to my reality TV.

For those of you who haven't been sucked in by the weekly 60 minute episode of child abuse, here's what you need to know.

1. Abby Lee Miller owns a dance school in Pennsylvania.
2. Every weekend she takes her dance team to compete at various dance competitions.
3. The team consists of 6 very talented girls, ages 6 - 15. (actually one girl is 15, but the rest are between 6 and 12.
4. The girls are charming, polite, kind, and respectful.
5. Abby Lee Miller is nasty, rude, hateful, vindictive, dishonest.....I could go on and on. I wouldn't let this woman near my
dogs, let alone a child. She spends the entire 60 minutes berating these children, telling them to disrespect their mothers, and, basically, turning them into emotional basketcases - but they can dance.

Yes, I'm embarrassed that I support this kind television. However, for every reality show that I watch, I make sure that I watch two informative documentaries or shows on Link or Free Speech TV. It's the only way that I can forgive myself.

Anyway - here they are.....


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