Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Morning in the Wild

Time to feed the chickens.

There is a beautiful red fox that is just dying to get his (or her) claws into my chickens.  I've always known that we had foxes living on our property over the years, but they used to stay on their half of the land and we stayed on our half.  This little red fox (he's not really that little) keeps strolling by the coop in broad daylight.  I'm sure that he is hoping that one of these days, we are going to slip and leave the door open so he can make his move.

We think that we have the coop protected, but foxes can be - well, foxy.  I have asked my husband to pee all around the chicken coop.  Someone told me one time that human urine will keep wild animals away.  It makes sense.  Fortunately, we live in the country, because I don't think neighbors would appreciate the site of my husband peeing while they are out pushing their kids on a swing.

I haven't seen the panther again.  I have been told at the corner store that others have seen it.  A bear was spotted on the next street over a couple weeks ago.  A freakin bear!!  I live in Florida.  I only live 5 miles from town, c'mon.  Our cute little college town is expanding out in my direction.  Due to the building, I'm sure that a lot of animals are being displaced.  I feel sorry for them.  They are just trying to live their lives, feed and protect their young, and do whatever wild animals do for entertainment.

However, when it comes to my chickens - Rhodey, Molly, and Zebra, those wild intruders need to watch out!! 

Have a wonderful day!

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