Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Zentangle

As I've mentioned before, I like to Zentangle while I'm watching my reality TV shows.  This was my creation while watching the finale of Couples Therapy and a Million Dollar Listing LA re-run. 

This one was a Dance Mom's and, I think, Basketball Wives creation.

and, I have no idea what I was watching during this one.  It's from last week.
Today, while I was taking care of some, much needed, organization in my bedroom, I watched a couple shows that I'd never seen before.  These kind of strayed from my usual reality viewing subject matter.  Moonshiners -  a show about people who make moonshine.  Tickle - a show that, from what I gather, is about a guy that used to be on Moonshiners.  The cameras follow him around as he wreaks havoc, while the narrator (who sounds like the narrator from The Dukes of Hazzard) guides the viewing audience.  Gold Rush - a show about people panning for gold.
You know - reality TV  gets a bad rap.  Why?  Sure, some of it is semi-scripted.  Sure, the producers want to exaggerate things.  But, I think it's great that a guy driving a big-rig across the treacherous tundra can have a TV show.  An exterminator or the owner of a pawn shop can have an audience.  It reminds me of something that my husband said a long time ago.  He's a painting contractor.  We were talking about how famous people receive applause for everything.  He thought it would be great if, every time he finished painting a house, people would gather around and start clapping.  He could take a bow, perhaps, give a little acceptance speech.  Well, now with reality TV, it might actually happen some day.

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