Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Inspired by Denise Alloca

Every Teusday, I get an email from Donna Downey with a new video by one of a group of artists that she has put together. It's called Artist Gang Teusday.  Yesterday's video was by Denise Alloca.  She creates a grouping of three paintings.  They always incorporate a Donna Downey Studios product (stencil, stamp, etc.).  I checked out Denise Alloca's site and found another video that she did with cute flowers.  I decided to do one. As you can see......I, basically, copied her.  Obviously, I would never use this design on anything that I planned to sell since it's not my own.  But, it's wonderful that there are artists out there that show us different techniques so that we can practice and learn new things.  I didn't have, exactly, the same supplies that she used ie:  different stencils, Derwent instead of Stabilo pencils, shorthand paper instead of music paper.  I also had to write the word "Truth" because I didn't have the stamp.....but I do plan to get these stamps because my handwriting isn't that great.

Here's mine.

Here's Denise's.

So, this is what I did this morning.  Thank you Denise.  Thank you Donna Downey.  And.....



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  1. Hi Cyndi, First thank you so much for visiting my blog. It is an honor that you created a canvas based on my artwork! Yours looks great! Your handwriting is beautiful! Iam glad you enjoy the video and you are finding them useful. I look forward to seeing more!