Wednesday, October 21, 2015

BE in the MOMENT!!

I was talking with my sister the other day.  We were speaking about how important it is to live life "in the moment".  Everyone tends to worry about what's going to happen or lament about what has already happened.  It's important to truly experience what's happening NOW.....but it can be freaking hard.  We all know that life is fragile, volatile, and that there aren't any guarantees, but we still can't stop that little voice in our heads.  Oh, how I hate that little voice sometimes.

Here's how I made my "Be In The Moment" piece.

I started with a gessoed wood panel, then added some scrap pieces of book pages, music, etc.

Then I added some gesso to back up the papers into the board.

Stamped some circles with black paint, using jar lids and toilet paper rolls.

I used my fingers to rub some Dina Wakeley paint, randomly around the canvas.

I used stickers for the "be in the" and rubber stamps for the "Moment".  I also shaded the circles with charcoal pencil and rubbed some charcoal pencil around the edges.  Sprayed with fixative so that the charcoal pencil would stay.

The colors and circles in this piece were inspired by Denise Alloca.  You can visit her art journal page tutorial at:
This was one of Donna Downey's Artist Gang Teusday videos.  You know that I love these....along with my Shawn Petite's Sunday Inpiration.....can't get enough!!




  1. Hi Cyndi! Love your page! Your message is great! Thanks for sharing your work!

    1. Thank you for your comment and thank you for your videos! My goal is to, someday, make a video.....but, I have to figure out the whole camera, tripod, lighting thing first.