Thursday, February 18, 2016

Gel Printing How-To....Finally

I, finally, decided to do a video showing how I make my prints on the gel plate.  There are a lot of them online. That's how I learned to do it.  I decided, since I use them in so many of my projects, that I should demonstrate how I do it.

Printing on a gel plate is lots of fun (it can be, rather addictive).  Having a good stock of printed papers around makes life easy when you are hit with a spark of creative passion.

Here's my little gel printing, how-to, video.

I used a 6 inch Gel Press plate in the video.  I hope that you enjoyed it.  Here are some other videos and posts showing how I use my prints.  I've also used them to make jewelry.....maybe I will do a video on that someday.

Gelli Print Boxes
Pair of Houses
DecoArt Winter Challenge
Wooden House
Little Wooden Houses
Line of Houses
Collage Boxes




  1. To keep your gelatin plate from sliding around, put it on a piece of plexiglass.
    Nice video!