Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mixed Media Textured Heart

I saw someone using poultry grit the other day on a canvas.  So.....I have chickens.....I have poultry grit.....I must do this too.

If you don't have poultry grit in your art supply arsenel, that's alright.  Just build a chicken coop in your backyard.....purchase 3 or 4 chickens.....wait 6 months and you will need poultry grit to add to their chicken feed.


go to a seed and feed store and buy a bag.  (actually, you could, probably use very small aquarium gravel)

This is a very quick project,  Waiting for the molding paste to dry takes the most time.

I covered a 5" X 5" canvas with Golden Molding Paste, using a pallet knife.

Then, painted the piece with various pinks and purples.  Added stenciling with Donna Downey Mini Numbers stencil.

Here comes the Poultry Grit......

I applied molding paste in the shape of a heart, sprinkled on the grit, making sure to cover all of the molding paste.  Let it sit for a few minutes, then tap gently to remove excess grit.

I let the grit and molding paste harden overnight, then painted it black.

Then, sponged on red and magenta paint, so that the black was still visible.  I added black charcoal pencil around the edges.  Then sprayed with a fixitive to seal in the charcoal pencil.

I will spray the entire piece with a glossy sealer.  I haven't done that yet.

So, that's chicken grit heart!  I plan to use this chicken grit on a larger project.  I'm envisioning all of the possibilities.

Maybe next time I'll try mealworms......just kidding.



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