Monday, March 21, 2016

Creative Heart Monday - True Colors

Happy Creative Heart Monday!

Today, we are making a cityscape with prints made on my Gel Press plate.

List of Supplies

Strathmore Bristol paper 11" x 14"
Liquitex White Gesso
Masters Touch Acrylic Paint - Light Purple
Decou-Page by DecoArt
Golden Fluid Acrylic - Carbon Black
Black Charcoal Pencil
Gel Press Prints
Handmade Templates

How to Make the Bridge Template

  • On cardstock, draw a straight line, the length of the bridge.
  • Decide how wide you would like for the widest part of the bridge to be, divide in half, then use the "half" measurement to make marks above and below the straight line.
  • Draw lines from the marks, just made, to the end of the line.  You will be making a long triangle.
  • Fold triangle in half.
  • Decide how far you would like the "arches" from the top of the bridge (I used 1/4 inch).  Make a mark at the widest end of the triangle, and draw a line from this mark to the point.
  • Now, using something round, place it halfway over the triangle at the widest end and keep it below the line that you made in the, above, step, and draw the half circle.  Then keep making half circles along the triangle, make each one, slightly, smaller.  I just sort of  "eyeballed" this part, but if you are a perfectionist......measure.
  • Cut out the half circles, open template, and you have it!!
If these directions are too confusing and you would like to have a pdf of the template, send me a comment or email.

How to Make the Buildings

I cut rectangles for the different height buildings out of cardstock.  Then I cut, identical rectangles for the bottom "underwater" buildings.  I cut the underwater reflection buildings about 1/5 shorter than the, above water, buildings.  Then I shaded the right side of each building rectangle at different widths, using carbon black paint and a sponge.  After shading them, I cut tiny portions off of the tops on each side to make them look like they were dimensional.

I love New York City.  No...this doesn't look like the NYC skyline....but, it is a cityscape!  I can't wait until December when my sister and I will be taking another New York City vacation.  Here we are in New York, three months ago.  That's my sis with Robin Roberts and that's me in the black hat, trying to hide behind the Christmas tree.

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  1. Wowsers! So creative. I always wondered how to make a reflection like that. Cannot wait to try it myself. Thank you.