Monday, May 9, 2016

How to make collage / tissue paper

I use a lot of different paper to start out my art projects.  A lot of times, I will cover a canvas with book pages, gel prints, etc. to start a background.  I love the Tim Holtz tissue paper for this purpose. However, I'm out of it and they didn't have any at the craft I decided to make some to have on hand.  It' super easy!

In the past, I have used artist tissue paper, deli paper, and tracing paper.  They all work great.  Today, the only thing that I had available was tracing that's what I used.  Since I was making it anyway, I thought I would do a little video, in case, anyone would like to see the process.

Here we go.......

You can do this on regular tissue paper, but "artist tissue paper" works a little better.  And....if you do it on big tissue paper sheets, you can use it for wrapping gifts, stuffing gift bags, etc.  I, generally, just rip pieces off and use it as collage paper on my art projects.  When applied to the project with gel medium, the paper becomes, somewhat, transparent and just the stamping shows.  I also use this same process for adding words to canvases.  I have a fear of stamping directly onto a canvas that I've worked on for hours......the letters never go on straight....or, they don't end up looking quirky if that's what I want.  So I stamp onto the tracing paper or tissue paper (getting it the way I want it) then apply it to the project with gel medium.

Hope you're week is off to a good start.



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