Monday, August 29, 2016

Creative Heart Monday - Jar of Flowers

Happy Creative Heart Monday!!

Donna Downey came out with a new line of stencils.  She's been putting up a video, by a different artist, every day all month.  The stencils are great, so, of course, I had to get them.

I'll tell you a little story about painting glass jars.  In my art class in high school, we had to paint a still life.  The teacher had placed a box, a shoe, and a glass jar on a table together for us to paint.  I just could not paint the jar.  I didn't know how to paint glass.  Finally, my teacher came over and painted it for me.  When I took the painting home (and for years after), people would look at the painting and always comment on the glass jar.  I hated that because I knew I didn't paint it.  They never said "nice shoe" or "nice box" was always the, freaking, jar.  Now, I was honest...I would always say that I didn't really paint the jar....but it really bugged me.

This is why, when my, 10 year old protege, Alicia, comes over to paint, I never, ever touch her work.  She has her canvas, paper, etc. and I have mine.  When she takes her paintings home and people compliment them.....she knows it's "all her".

I still can't paint glass....but....this new stencil is going to change that for me.  I figure that if I can get better with the glass by using the stencil, then, eventually, I will be able to do it without the stencil. We'll see.......

One other thing.....Nika Rouss (Nika in Wonderland) did a video and my painting looks a lot like hers, because she is one of my favorites and I am very inspired by her paintings.  I used different stencils and paint.  After you watch my video, you should check out's fantastic!!


11"X 14" mixed media paper
white gesso
Donna Downey Petite Pot DD-108
Donna Downey Floral in Striped Vase DD-100
Golden's Heavy Body Teal
Golden's Heavy Body Quinacridone Magenta
Liquitex Heavy Body Medium Magenta
Windsor and Newton Studio Acrylic - Red Deep
Grumbacher - Cobalt Blue Hue
Black Oil Pastel
Black Charcoal Pencil

Check out my art on clothes, cellphone covers, rugs, etc. on Society 6!!

Have a great Monday and a wonderful week.



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