Sunday, August 7, 2016

Creative Heart Monday - Mixed Media Tray DIY How To


Happy Creative Heart Monday!!

Today, we are transforming a plain, thrift store, tray into a mixed media art piece with
Gel Press prints.  If you would like to see the "Gel Press printing" portion of the video in "real time" click here!

Here we go....


12" X 14" Gel Press Plate
Glass Bottomed Tray
Canso Bristol Mixed Media Paper
Matte DecouPage
American Paint - Titanium White, Chiffon Blue, Bahama Blue, Peacock Blue
Golden Fluid Acrylics - Ultramarine Blue, Phaylo Turqouis, Green Gold
Liquitex Basics - Mars Black
Miscellaneous Mark Making tools
Black Faber-Castell Pitt Pen
Black Charcoal Pencil
Interior Semi-Gloss Paint - Teal
If you would like to see a "real time" version of the printmaking, check out the link
at the bottom of the YouTube video.

Have a great Monday and a wonderful week.




  1. That was so much fun watching you create the tray. I cannot wait to try it myself. I just loved the colors you used. One question, what is the name/designer/company of the stencil that was the uneven squiggles (?). You used it with black paint on one area and then white paint on another. Hopefully I have described the stencil correctly so you will know which one I am talking about. Thanks and I look forward to next Monday!

    1. Thanks.....that stencil is from The Crafters Workshop TWC #234. It's a good one. You are the second person that's ask about it. Have fun making your tray!!

  2. Love that stencil too!! And your video. Im on my way to my craft room to try this myself! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. Thank you.....I would love to see yours when you're finished. If you would like to share it, join my Facebook Group - Mixed Media Passion. I love seeing what everyone else creates!!