Friday, January 20, 2017

Inspiration from the Greats - Jackson Pollock

Inspiration from the GREATS!

Welcome to our first Inspiration from the Greats video.  This month we are being inspired by Jackson Pollock - originator of American Abstract Expressionism!

This video is, primarily in "real time".  I've tried my best to use his techniques.  Of course, I don't believe that he was using small bottles of craft paint.  He used large cans of paints!  He also created very large paintings (which I would like to do someday).

Since this is going to be a monthly thing (we'll focus on a different artist each month), I created a Facebook Group where we can share our painting inspired by the artist of the month.  I would love to see your paintings inspired by Jackson Pollock!!

Here we go...............

I hope that you enjoyed the video and would love to here your comments.  Join the Facebook Group!!



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