Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Creative Heart Monday - Mixed Media Crumpled Paper Technique

Happy Creative Heart Monday

My friend, Jenifer and her daughter, Alicia bought a cute, little piece of art for me from a local art show.  I noticed that the little painting was made on crumpled paper.  I wanted to give it a try.

Here we go.............

Canson XL Watercolor Paper 11" X 15" 
Copy Paper
Tissue Paper
Fusible Interfacing  
Brown Craft Paper 
Liquitex White Gesso 
Black Charcoal Pencil  
Bombay India Inks 
Golden Glossy Gel Medium
Miscellaneous Acrylic Paint
FW Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks

It's great to try something new.  I have stacks of old magazines by Somerset and Cloth, Paper, Scissors.  When I can't think of anything to do, I'll pull out one of these and search for inspiration. Sometimes, it's just a color....sometimes a style or technique.

For different projects that I don't put on YouTube, check out the CeeCeeART Patreon.

Have a great Monday and a wonderful week!



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