Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lola's Garden

My very good friend, Candi, lost her little chihuahua, Lola, over a year ago.  As anyone who has ever lost a pet can imagine, it was very devastating for Candi. As part of the healing process, she put a different photo of Lola on Facebook every day for a year.

Candi also built a little memorial garden for Lola outside of her bedroom window.  The garden is very pretty with lots of flowers and vines planted around a small stone patio area with a bench.  The memorial garden is next to a very plain wall underneath the bedroom window, so she decided to brighten it up a little with paint. The space that she wanted to paint was approximately 6 feet tall and about 15 feet wide.  Her niece, Taylor, and I were recruited to assist in this art project.  Taylor worked on the grass at the bottom of the wall, while Candi and I began painting vines.  She started her vines on the right and I started mine on the left.  We crossed in the middle and continued on to the other side, so that we had a nice mix of our different vine-painting styles.

We didn't get the early start that we should have, so we were interrupted in the afternoon by a downpour.  This is where we left it


Candi lives in the Virgin Islands most of the time, so we will have to pick this up where we left off, when she gets back to Florida.  I look forward to seeing the finished product. The plan is to make the vine thicker, then add lots of flowers on the vine and coming up from the grass.  I think it's on its way to being very pretty and a wonderful memorial to Lola's sweet little spirit.

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