Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Bedroom with a View

I am very fortunate to live in a natural setting. My husband and I live on 5 acres in north Florida. When my husband purchased the property 35 years ago, there wasn't a tree in sight. Over the years, he planted cedars, sycamores, magnolias, oaks, and pines. Now our yard is home to lots of birds, squirrels, rabbits, turtles, a couple racoons, a fox, and our chickens. We have also had a couple cows, 6 goats, and a pig. (the pig was before my time).

Every day, I enjoy my morning coffee from my bedroom balcony. It's much more entertaining than TV. There are so many birds and they are so close to me in the tree branches. This morning I saw 2 beautiful little birds that I had never seen before. Tiny little birds with bright blue backs and bright red fronts - adorable. Then I heard the familiar knocking sound so I knew that there was a woodpecker nearby. Actually, there were two. I have two types of woodpeckers in my yard - the small brown ones and the large "woody woodpecker" ones. This morning I had two "woody woodpeckers" about 12 inches tall with large, bright red plumes. They were going crazy on the same tree. Bark was flying everywhere.

Then "the three stooges" came onto the scene. I have lots of squirrels all the time, but there are 3 squirrels in particular that seem to hang together in the mornings and they are crazy little daredevils. They will hang by one tiny fingernail off the end of a branch to reach a nut. They fly from tree to tree without any hesitation at all. I guess they are just as used to the trees as I am to my house.

The first time that I visited New York City, I knew that I had lived there in another life. Everything felt so familiar to me. I just automatically knew which way to go. I have always wanted to live there. But, if I lived in NYC, I would never experience the joy that I feel every morning from the porch off my bedroom.

Have a beautiful Saturday!

The View from my Room

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