Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Favorite Christmas Present

My father is very handy.  Actually, that's putting it lightly.  He has always been very talented and knowledgeable.  Having a father that can fix anything, makes a young girl feel like all guys are that way.  It's funny because through the years, all of my relationships have been with men that know how to do the dirty work.  I know that this is not the norm because some of my friends' husbands and partners don't know which end of the hammer to use, but they know how to dial a handyman's phone number, which is just fine.

Several months ago, I caught wind that my sister had asked my father to build an easel for her because she planned to start painting.  Sibling rivalry being what it is (even at 52), I immediately told him that I'd like to have one too.  I didn't say or hear anything more about it.

Then.............on Christmas morning, when my husband and I arrived at my parent's home, there were 2 beautiful easels on display as we walked in the door.  My parents had put big Merry Christmas signs on them for me and my sister.

Being the perfectionist, the wood was beautifully stained, every bolt, screw, chain, etc. was painted to match, and a pretty light was attached to the top.  I was so surprised and pleased.  Thanks, Dad!

Don't look at my messy art room!
My first paintng on my new easel - don't judge, I've still got a long way to go with it!

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