Saturday, January 5, 2013

Look Up, Look Down

Here we are - 2013!  Wow!  As usual, the beginning of a new year makes me think.

As far as thoughts go, there's the old reliable - "I need to lose weight, I need to get organized,  I need to get healthy, I need to be a kindler, gentler person, and so on, and so on.  And, like year's past, I will try a few different things, then fall back into "just plain me".

How does one really change?  Can one really change?  Should one really change?  Should I be saying "one" instead of "we" or "me"?

Obviously, people grow.  As time passes, we gain more and more experiences which cause us to look at, or react, to a situation in a different way than you would have 20 years prior.  But can a person change something that has been a part of their personality their entire life?  Let's say you have someone (okay, it's me) that has a hard time keeping their mouth shut when they think someone is wrong.  How do you change that?

Why do some people have exactly the same fears in their adult life that they had as children.  I've heard many successful people say that while they are in a boardroom with business associates, seemingly confident,  that inside they feel the same feelings they endured on the playground as a child.

Maybe no one ever really changes - we just become better actors.

So much for my "beginning of the year thoughts on change".

This is what a saw in the sky the other day -

and this is what I saw when I looked down -

Both of these subjects made a pretty picture, but the one on top is kind of scary.


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