Thursday, February 7, 2013

Old Love Letters

Here's my latest journal page artwork.

Years ago, my grandfather bought an old trunk at an antique car show.  When he brought it home, he discovered that there were bags of love letters inside, dating back to 1918.  He wasn't interested in the letters (he actually tossed lots of them), but my mother saved them because she wanted to read them someday.

About a year ago, my mother gave the letters to me and they have been sitting in my closet waiting to be read (remember... I'm a procrastinator!!)

I finally started reading them.  I've only gotten about 1/10 of the way through the bag.  I thought it would be fun to  tell the story of these two lovers on this blog as I dig through their words to each other.

I haven't even tried to google these letter-writers yet.  So this will be the beginning of a project to find out more about these young lovers.  Stay tuned for the first installment of Everett and Peggy: Love Letters.

2/7/2013 Visual Journal Page Close-up

Letter to Everett Evans written on stationary from the Hotel Adelphia

Postmark February 4, 1918

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