Sunday, February 10, 2013

Time to Sow the Seeds!

My husband loves to hang out in the yard.  He always has a million different things going on in the yard.  We have 5 acres so it keeps him pretty busy.  He keeps everything organic - no herbicides, pesticides, etc.  He ordered some heirloom seeds this year.

They started like this....

  Here are the little tomato seedlings that he just separated into cups.

and now they look like this.

He's getting ready to order a couple thousand worms.  Being the ever-supportive wife, I said "oh, that's great" when he showed me the box that he is preparing for the worms,  While inside, I was envisioning millions of squishy, disgusting worms invading my house.

The Worm Box

He tried some strawberries this year.  They are growing, not quite as fast as he was told they would grow, but they ARE growing.

Also, the first year for potatoes.  I can't wait to see if this works out.

The Potato Box
and the nourishment from GOD!

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