Thursday, April 18, 2013

An Old Quit

Quilts are really interesting things.  I've seen quilts that were so detailed that they looked like paintings.  Some quilts tell a story.  The AIDS quilt is a beautiful remembrance of loved ones.

The amount of work that goes into making a quilt is impressive.  Choosing the fabrics, in itself, can be daunting.  I've never made a quilt.  I remember starting one years ago.  I think I got 5 squares sewn together before I gave up.

My mother gave me an old, handmade quilt a few days ago.  She told me it was made by Aunt Jeannie.  It occurs to me now that I don't know if Aunt Jeannie was my mother's aunt or my grandfather's aunt.  I guess I should clear that up.

Since I'll probably never make a quilt, I figured that I would draw a picture of the one my mother gave to me. There are probably 4 times as may triangles in the actual quilt, but I'm not that disciplined.

I was also practicing my facial feature drawing skills this afternoon.

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