Monday, June 24, 2013

Just Fooling Around

It was a hot, hot day in Florida.  A great day to stay inside.  I couldn't settle on one thing to work on, so I messed around with a few things.

First, I wanted to try out my Faber Castelle Gelatos again.  I watched a video on using them to make really pretty (and easy) backgrounds.  Basically, you just cover whatever you are using as a substrate (canvas, paper, cereal box, etc.) with gesso.  When the gesso is dry, color all over with different colors of Gelato.  Spritz with water, then brush the colors around.  I also tilted the paper in different directions to let the colors drip down the page.  Let it dry. Voila!

This is an ATC that I used to mop up the Gelato drippings.  Then I pounced alcohol ink around the edges

Next, I moved on to alcohol inks.  I had been wanting to paint a ceramic tile with alcohol ink for some time.  So, today was the day.  I used Tim Holtz Ranger Alcohol Ink in three colors - Stream, Citris, and Pool.  I just cleaned off the tile really good, then put a couple drops of the first color onto the felt pouncer thingy.  Then I just patted it around the tile.  When I had enough of the first color, I did the same thing with the second color, and the third.  I painted around the edges with a gold paint pen.  I finished up with a coat of glossy sealer.


And then, while watching TV, I had to do some drawing that didn't require much thought, just repetition.

And finally, I subscribe to a blog, A Little Lime, by Helen Williams.  She is so talented.  She does Zentangle-inspired art.  This evening I received her most recent post.  She did a beautiful drawing of ribbons tied to a ring.  So I had to give it a shot.  Now, be kind - this was my first try and I only spent about 20 minutes on it.  I plan to do another one when I have more time.

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