Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Citra Solv - You can actually use it for cleaning too!

I had never heard of Cita Solv prior to seeing a tutorial on Youtube.  There are so many articles and tutorials about using Citra Solv as a tool for creating some really beautiful art.

I had a hard time finding the right kind of Citra Solv at first.  I finally ordered it online.  I have spent hours pouring and brushing it on National Geographic magazines to alter the photos, turning them into beautiful papers that can be used for collage and other techniques.

A few days ago, I decided to tear my bedroom apart because I had seen 2 spiders and I thought a major cleaning might help.  Did I mention that I HATE spiders?  Anyway, behind my nightstand, I found some kind of disgusting, sticky mess - obviously the remains of something that I spilled a long time ago.  I tried the OxyClean spray, nothing.  I tried to scrape it off and it was so hard that it wouldn't budge.  I was going to go with the, majorly, toxic Goof Off next, but then - wait a minute - Citra Solv practically eats thru paper, maybe I should try it.  I barely touched it and it came right off.  That product is a miracle!  I went through my house like the white tornado.  The stuff smells great.

Who would have thought that you could actually use the product for it's original purpose.

and make art....................................

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