Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Taking a Traci Bautista Workshop.

I've been a fan of Traci Bautista for awhile.  She is having a 40% off sale on some of her workshops right now.

I signed up for the Girlie Glam Faces workshop.  Lesson #1 is learning to doodle faces with a black pen.  Here's one of mine -
For the next lesson, we will move into color.  Choosing the right color combinations is probably one of my biggest problems.  I love all of the bright colors, but I just don't know which ones to pick.
Here's some of Traci Bautista's work -
It's really pretty, isn't it?  She's written a couple books too.  I have both of them, of course, because I am a book hoarder.

Here's a link, in case anyone's interested in taking the workshop - Girlie Glam Faces,  The 40% discount code is SUMMER4SALE.

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