Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Evidently, the home fireworks selection has changed a great deal since the last time that I bought fireworks.  Of course when I was growing up, we were never allowed to have anything more entertaining than a sparkler.

But, things have changed.  I just watched a great fireworks exhibition from my bedroom balcony.  I was oohing, aahing, and clapping so much, you would have thought I was watching the fireworks at Disney.  But no - it was my next door neighbors.  They had fireworks big enough to cover the sky over my house.  I have to admit, there were a couple times when I couldn't fight the instinct to duck.  I don't think they can get the height that the professional fireworks shows manage.  I was hoping that I didn't end up with some trees burning in the starlight.  Even the finale did not disappoint.  They let go with, what seemed like a hundred, big, sparkly, crackly, fireworks.  It was great!

So, to my next door neighbors, I don't know your names, but thanks for a hell of a show!

Disclaimer...the, above, photo is not from my neighbors display, but it looked just like that.  I waited too long to run in to get my camera, so I didn't get any real pics.

Happy New Year!

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