Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Creative Heart Monday - You're Invited!

Do you have a "creative heart"?  Beginning on January 4, 2016, I will post a new video every Monday morning to get our creative juices flowing for the week.

I will be trying out some new (to me) techniques.....new (to me) products....new subject matter.

I will also be including a quote from a famous artist each week.  Those famous men and women said a lot of inspirational and thoughtful things.  Who knows.....maybe one of those quotes will be the spark that leads to our masterpiece.

2016 is my year to be brave and crazy.  I would like for you to join me.  All of you "creative souls" out there know what it's like to struggle with "I'm not as good as she is" or "what if they don't like my art".  It's easy to let those negative thoughts seep in, but let's REFUSE them this year!  Pick up a brush, a pen, a crayon and start creating!




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