Thursday, March 17, 2016

My First Give-A-Way!!!!!

I've really started building a following since the beginning of the year.  I started making videos on a regular basis, and it has enabled me to meet so many nice people online, and receive some wonderful feedback.

I'm really excited because I have almost reached 1000 views on one of my videos.  (I know that's not a lot in Justin Beiber/BeyoncĂ© land, but it's a lot for me).

The subscribers to my blog and "Creative Heart Monday" have increased and I would like to say "thank you".'s the deal....check out my "Circle" video and share it with someone (or several someones)...then, comment below.  Everyone that comments will be entered in a drawing.  The drawing will be held within 24 hours of the video reaching 1016 views. 

What will you win??????  The "Circle" mixed-media piece, of course.  I will contact the winner for your mailing address.

I'm not advertising this giveaway on Facebook or any other social media.  I'm just putting this out to my subscribers.  If you share this with someone, and they subscribe to my blog (before we reach 1016 views, I will enter them too!  We are at 973 we don't have much further to go.

Thank you and good luck!!




  1. I LOVE your circles video... and have now made a few myself, but none are as gorgeous as the one you made. I love, love, LOVE it... all the colors and textures and dimension. Oh to be so lucky to win your giveaway and own your original!!

    I have shared your video and a friend & i also created circles together. Sooooo much fun. Each circle is a beautiful little painting itself.

    Thanks for your wonderful, creative inspiration... and the great music you add to your videos (so upbeat and fun!).

    Cheers, jana

    1. I love the unexpected heart! Beautiful! I'll be fallowing you!

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  3. oh yes...i am sharing! LOVE your videos! tyou!

  4. Love the video!! The music is great, too!! Shared on my FB page...Barbara Albrecht

  5. Cyndi - if I don't win the drawing I'll just die. No pressure on you though.

    Ok, I won't really die, but it would be nice to win, any of them. Maybe someday you can make one called Paint It Black and have another drawing rigged for me.
    John Ts.....

    1. I already thought of a "Paint it Black" painting. I love Mick!!! Obviously, my "Paint it Black" would be all pink, purple, and orange....but the music would be great.

  6. I found the video very inspiring - I am going to try out some of techniques you used! Only thing I would change is to have it play just a little slower so we can see more clearly what you did. Other than that - fabulous!