Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Gel Press™ Jewelry!!

I'm always looking for something else to do with my Gel Press™ plate.  Today, I worked on some quick prints for jewelry.  I went through a jewelry-making phase about 4 years.  I spent a lot of time at the bead store.  Then, I gave it up and gave most of my jewelry-making supplies to my sister.  But, today I felt urge!!

I started out by making two Gel Press™ prints on my 5" X 7" plate.  It only takes a little bit of paper and I'm going to cut it up into tiny pieces, so the prints are very random.

 Jewelry parts from the craft store - earrings and a pendant.

 Miscellaneous stencils and stamps.

Get your Gel Press™ Plate and brayer ready!

A couple small dabs of light purple and magenta (the colors in the photo aren't very accurate)

 Spread the paint out with the brayer.

I used sheet music for the gel prints.  Just place the paper on top of the painted plate, rub, rub, rub, and lift!!

Then a little off white and light blue on the plate.

 Brayer it out, then I used a foam stamp to pull some of the paint off.

Then, put the purple/magenta print back on the plate and pulled the second layer.

 Now for the base of the second print........................

A dab of blue and citron green paint.

 Brayer it out.

 Pull the gel print!

A little orange and pink back on the plate.

Brayer it out.

Added a couple stencils on top of the paint.

and, pulled the print on top of the blue/green gel print.

So, now I have these two Gel Press™ prints!

Next, I started stamping and doodling, randomly, on both prints until I felt that there were some interesting areas.  Remember, we are going to cut out little pieces for the jewelry.

To finish, I just cut out some areas that I liked, using the jewelry pieces as a template.  I used regular glue to adhere the gel print pieces to the jewelry.

For the earrings, I waited a while for the glue to dry, then covered them with the clear, adhesive pieces that came with the earring pieces.  I added my own earring wires (they were not included in the package).

(this pair needs some wires)

For the pendant, I added "Live Simply" with rub-ons before I cut it out.  Then, after waiting for the glue to dry, I covered the paper with Inkssentials Glossy Accents.  This pendant did not come with it's own cover.  the Glossy Accents provides a nice, shiny finish and seals the paper.  I'll probably hang this piece on a cord.

That's it!!!  It looks like a lot of steps, but it's really easy and the possibilites are endless.  Here are some pix of other pieces that I've made.



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