Monday, April 4, 2016

Creative Heart Monday - Shapes in Sienna and Green

Happy Monday to all of you Creative Hearts!

Today, I'm changing it up a little flowers, no circles (OK maybe a few), and different colors....for me.

I did a post/video for Gel Press last week.  It was all squares and circles that ended up looking like stained, of course, I called it "Stained Glass".  If you haven't seen it....check it out!  That piece put me in a "geometic mood".

The only materials used were my Gel Press prints, Decou-Page, and a black charcoal pencil.

So,,,,here we go.......

hanging on my kitchen wall

By the way, I started a Facebook Group - Mixed Media Passions.  I only have a few members, so far. Sign up.......I would love for you to share your art on my page.  (but, you don't have to feel obligated to post anything....just enjoy the work of others).

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Have a great Monday and a wonderful week!



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