Sunday, April 3, 2016

My 2016 Goals - How I'm Coming Along.

At the beginning of the year, I did a post on my "10 Goals for 2016".  I figured that since we are 1/4 thru the year already, I better review my goals and see how I'm doing.  And, the answer so.

1.  Online Classes - I haven't taken the ones that I mentioned yet, but I did take Tracy Verguda's "Mini Mojo" and Jodi Ohls "Podtastic".  So, I'm doing ok with this one.

2.  Create my own videos -  Yep.....I'm doing least one per week!

3.  Learn more about color - totally failing at this one.

4.  Paint something HUGE - not yet.

5.  Be in an art show - I am going to do a very small show in October.

6.  Commune with other local artists - I have given this a try.  I planned to join the Gainesville Artisans Guild, but when I visited their location, saw all of the other artists' work, and found out that I had to bring my work and be critiqued in front of their board members, I got, I still plan to do this....I just have to achieve my #10 goal - Getting My Mind Right".

7.  Guest Blog -  I haven't ask anyone to be a guest on my blog yet - I'm going to do that this week.  However, I have been asked to do a guest blog post on a couple other blogs.

8.  Social Media - I have definitely upped my social media presence.  I joined several Facebook groups and that, totally, changed my life......I've gotten a lot more followers.  The exposure resulted in companies asking me to guest blog, being chosen for the Gel Press Creative Design Team, and being able to talk to other artists and lovers of art.......and that's great.

9.  Try new things - I did start using acrylic ink and I'm getting ready to try graphite powder (which I think is going to be really messy).  There are a lot more things that I need to try.

10.  Getting my mind right - Ah.....the never-ending quest.  (maybe I should go to the self-help section of the bookstore. LOL)

So here's the tally - 3 yes's, 3 partials, and 4 not yet's.  I guess that sounds about right since we are only 1/4 way thru the year.

Have a wonderful day!!



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