Monday, September 18, 2017

Let There Be Light......and, Finally There Was!

It's been a tough couple weeks.  First we were preparing for Hurricane Irma, then living for 7 days without electricity, a leaking roof, and a big tree hanging, threateningly, over our heads.  But, things are getting better.  The lights came back on yesterday and we had the tree taken down.

I video'd the tree removal and will be putting it up on YouTube in the next couple days.  I was amazed, fascinated, name it.....while the guys were bringing the tree down.  These are some brave and crazy guys!!

I will have a project up on the 25th using 7 Gypsies and Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts products.

My Salvador Dali project for "Inspiration From The GREATS" will be coming soon.

And.......I need to get another Art Journal JAZZ page up this month.

As well as......getting my Monday videos back on a consistent basis.

I CAN do it!!

I hope that all of you that were affected by Harvey and Irma are doing ok.  And, any of you that are in the path of Marie....please be safe!




  1. So glad to know you are safe! Thanks for the update and all you put out here in the online world for us.