Monday, March 18, 2013

Zentangle Flowers and Lena Dunham

I love "Girls" on HBO.  Lena Dunham, who plays the main character, Hannah, is fantastic.  She's not thin.  She's not beautiful.  She's smart, yet insecure.  Talented, yet a total mess.  The actress is so confident with her body, even though she is exactly the opposite of what Hollywood leads young girls to believe they should look like. 

The first time that I saw this actress was in the independant film, Tiny Furniture.  In that movie she played a character exactly like her character of Hannah in "Girls".  Several of her fellow actors in Girls were in Tiny Furniture.

Granted, it's HBO, so "Girls" is sexually explicit and has nudity.  However, the nudity is one of the strongest parts of the show.  Hannah has no problem running around with cellulite jiggling and tiny breasts exposed.  When you see her like that, you think "Wow, THAT is a confident girl!"

I think this is the best thing that TV could do for young women (heck, woman of all ages for that matter).  The characters in this show are smart and real.  The men look like real guys, not department store mannequins.  The woman look like real woman, not starving, size zero, porn stars with boob jobs.  Don't get me wrong.  I dont have anything against plastic surgery.  I just hate to see teenage girls saving their money for breast augmentation before they really even know who they are.  As we all know, beauty fades, and you have to still be able to love yourself when your hair is grey, your skin is sagging, and you don't recognize the stranger in the mirror.

Anyway, while I was watching "Girls" last night, I worked on this zentangle.


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