Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Crocheted Tattoo

I would love to have a tattoo.  The problem is that when I was young and brave enough to withstand the needles, tattoos weren't that popular.  Now that I'm older and a scaredy-cat, everyone has one.

I've thought about the tattoo that I would get if I were brave enough.  Perhaps a colorful, little fairy on the back of my neck or a small cross on my ankle.  But yesterday I found Issue 3 of Crafty Mgazine.  Jessica Boudreau manages a knitting store in Washington, DC.  (she also lived in Gainesville, FL which is where I am).  Here's her tattoo:

I took a picture of the magazine with my ipad, so the pix isn't that great.

I love this!  It's not really crochet - it's knitting - but what a great idea.

Since I crochet all the time and I have started painting, I've been thinking about painting crochet, but I have never seen it before. 

Since I'm way to chicken to tattoo myself, at least I've seen this and have become more inspired to draw or paint something that was crocheted. 

Thank you Jessica Boudreau for being brave enough to get a tattoo and Crafty Magazine for writing an article about it.

Photos taken from interview in Crafty Magazine, Painted Ladies, interview by Sarah Adie
Interviewed: Jessica Boudreau,

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