Friday, May 29, 2015

Hand-Painted Papers

I'm addicted to making painted papers.  Most of them start out on the Gelli Plate, but I also just throw some paint down on others.  They are so pretty and you can use them for so many things.

I've cut them up and used them to make cards, collages, bookmarks, and in my art journal.  You could cut them down into Artist Trading Card (ATC) size and have a ready-made background.

Since we seem to have a "deli paper" shortgage in my area, I've start using tracing paper instead.  I found several pads of tracing paper in my, ridiculously, large art supply stash, and it's exactly like deli paper (and you don't have that obnoxious fold line in the middle).

I'm going to sell some of my papers on Etsy.  I've also cut out little circles and doo-dads with a punch.  These would be great for scrapbookers and cardmakers.

Here are a few of the papers that I have for sale.

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