Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ten Things I Plan to Do to Grow As An Artist in 2016

NO New Year's Resolutions for me.......I can't stand the pressure. HOWEVER, there are some things that I plan to do this year.  I want to grow as an artist and I don't think that just happens. Maybe it does for some people, but I think I'll have to put some effort forth to get to where I want to be. (don't you just hate that?)

Number One - Take some classes.

Just about everything that I have learned has come from an online class or from watching (addictively) the videos of other artists.  I learned a lot from Donna Downey, Jane Davenport, Shawn Petite, Suzi Blu, Pam Carriker, Nika Rouss, Denise Alloca and many more.  There are so many talented people that share their how-to's online.  FYI - Craftsy is a great place to find online classes!

Here are couple classes that I'm going to take:

Watercolor terrifies me, so I'm taking
Simple & Stunning Watercolor Techniques

Another issue is color.  This looks like a good one.
Painting With Color: A Contemporary Approach, with Joseph Dolderer

Number Two - Create my own videos

Hey, I've already started doing this......good for me!  I put a few videos on Youtube at the end of the year and started my new, weekly, Creative Heart Monday videos.  I love doing it and it really comes in handy.  I have made many pieces in the past, only to forget how I did it.  If I film everything I do, I can go back and look......brilliant.  (I would like a new camera, though)

Number Three - Learn more about color

This is my weakest area.  I tend to stress over colors.  I need a class.  As I mentioned, above, I'm going to take this one.
Painting With Color: A Contemporary Approach, with Joseph Dolderer

Number Four - Paint something HUGE

Most of my art is 16" X 20" or smaller.  I want to get one of those big 6 foot canvases and fill it with flowers. (I need the "color" class first)

Number Five - Be in an Art Show

We have several large art festivals in my area....I'm not ready for that.  I want to try a small art show. I need to build my inventory.

Number Six - Commune with other Artists

Online and in person.  I know that I could learn a great deal from other artists in my area.  We do have an artists guild and I plan to join ASAP.

Number Seven - Guest Blog

I would like to invite some other artists to share their work and thoughts on my blog....and I wouldn't mind doing the same on theirs, LOL.

Number Eight - Social Media

Take charge and expand my social media plan.  No one is going to see my art if I don't show it to them.

Number Nine - Try New Things

As an art supply junkie, I have lots of stuff that I've never used.  I HAVE to try them!

Number Ten - Get My Mind Right

Last but, probably, the most important, I'm going to keep going no matter what.  I spent the majority of my career in real estate.  When you deal with numbers, they are usually either right or wrong and I had confidence that mine were right (even when they were wrong).  Art is subjective.  Some people are going to like your art and some people aren't, and neither one of those people are wrong.  Everyone has their own tastes and we all perceive things differently.  I need to get that "everyone is more talented than me" monkey off my back.  I know that it's a common for us humans to knock ourselves down and get in our own way at every turn......but I'm really going to try to limit this as much as I can.

So, that's it.  Ten things, not necessarily in order of importance.  If you have some goals for 2016, I'd love to hear them.  Now I'm going to go pick up the paintbrush.



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