Friday, October 19, 2012

Gelli Prints - So Cool!

I found the coolest thing on Youtube.  I watched the video, then immediately had to order one of the plates.  It's a thick gel plate that comes in different sizes.  I got the 8X10.  I'll describe the process, but you really need to watch the video.

I placed the gelli plate on a piece of waxed paper. I just used inexpensive, acrylic craft paints and regular copy paper. I squeezed a little paint onto the geletin plate, then spread it around with a rubber brayer. I have cut some rings out of copy paper, then laid them randomly on top of the paint, then placed a clean sheet of paper on top and rubbed across the whole thing with my hand.

When I pulled the paper up, the paint had transferred and left the ring design. I let the paint dry (it dries very fast), then did it again with a different color and some different paper shapes on top.

I also pressed a stencil into the paint of some of them.  On the one to the left, I used a honeycomb stencil.  You can use all kinds of things to create different images.  

These papers would be great to use in collages or to make cards.  I plan to use them, instead of purchased decorative papers, for a the background on a series of greeting cards. (of course, as we know, I plan to do a lot of things)

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