Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Collaged Boxes

When I become addicted to something, I really become addicted to it.......that is until the next shiny object grabs my attention.  For the past few weeks, it's been collaged boxes.  Cute little boxes that I cover with my hand-painted papers.

I have tons of hand-painted papers and gelli prints (another "addiction" phase).  I love to slap paint on a piece of paper, add stencils, stamps, little drawings with paint pens, etc.  These can really pile up!

I was waiting for a friend at a doctors appointment, looking at Pinterest on my phone, and came across a pix of beautiful boxes, picture frames, and other artwork that had been collaged with painted papers.  The artist's name is Diane Salter.  Her things were beautiful, so I had one of those "I can do that" moments.  Her's are much more intricate than mine, but she inspired me to try.  Thank you Diane Salter!

I already had several small wooden boxes in my huge stash of "stuff that I'm going to do something with" closet.  (this reminds of the saying "The woman who dies with the most art supplies WINS").

Here's my first box.

Then, I had to start adding little feet to them.

You might notice on this box that there are little, irregularly shaped, silver pieces on it.  There is, actually a funny story behind this.  I went to lunch with my friend.  As I was heading out the door to lunch, the strap on my purse broke.  I grabbed an old purse from my box of purses, only to realize on the way to the restaurant, that the faux leather was starting to peel in a little section.  During our lunch, my purse was actually disentegrating.  Everywhere I went, I was leaving a little trail of silver, faux leather, purse dandruff in my wake.  On the drive home I looked at my peeling purse and thought "that purse dandruff would be great collage material".....and it was!  So, the lesson here is - keep all of your crappy purses until they fall apart, or, maybe it's just that you never know what can be upcycled.

Then I had to Zentangle one.

My most recent box.  (I'm moving up into multiple compartments now)

This one is listed on ETSY.



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