Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Celebrating Earth Day with Gel Press™ Blog Hop

Welcome to the Gel Press™ Earth Day Blog Hop!  We want to encourage you to reuse and recycle with Gel Press.  Have you thought of making Gel Press™ Prints on old maps?  What about old Christmas cards or even magazines?  Hop around and see what our designers have come up with for this hop.  We will be giving away a prize again for the comments on the Gel Press™ Blog, listing what your favorite project was and why.  We will accept comments from April 20 - April 24.  The winner will be announced April 25th on our Facebook Page and on Gel Press™ Junkies FB page!  Good Luck!

Here's my Earth Day piece.

Of course, the first thing that I needed were some Gel Press™ prints.  I used my 8" round Gel Press™ plate.

Added a few dabs of acrylic paint - Teal, Blue, White, and off white. 
(all paint - Americana by DecoArt)

Spread them out with the brayer.

and,.....made a "pull" for the land.

I used green and metallic copper.

Brayered it out.

and.....made a "pull"

I used a 10" X 10" pre-gessoed canvas for the project.  It's hard to see here, but I brushed out some white and off-white onto the canvas.

Then, I did a little stenciling with some purple, teal, off white, and raw umber.

Pushed the stenciling back a little bit by using my scraper and gesso to create a "veil".

Now....all of those Gel Press™ print scraps

Cut out 12 little people.

Now, don't laugh....these are my continents.

Because, I never measure, I realized that my "Earth" was too big for my canvas, so I cut out the appropriate size, (I forgot to take a picture of my "cut out" earth, but look how cool the rest of the earth looks....I can use it in another piece of art)

Adhered continents to the earth, then the earth to the canvas, along with all of my little people.  I also decided that I needed something else, so I found a quote by Albert Einstein - "Embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it's beauty".  I wrote the words, cut them out, then sketched around them with a black pen and adhered them to the canvas.  Everything was attached to the canvas with matte medium.

Now, hop on over to the next post!!

Cyndi - You are here!!

That's it.  Happy Earth Day!!!!




  1. This is so Yummy! A fantastic design that echoes the sentiments of Earth Day!

  2. Very nice! LOVE this project!

  3. Love the little people surrounding earth! Great project!

  4. Cyndi, I am a fan of yours! I look forward to all that you lost and I try to emulate you as a way to learn. I love your little people and your continents are a hoot! Keep the creative juices flowing--you inspire me.

  5. I love all the little people!!!

  6. oh i love how you did the lil people around the earth.. def one of my fave projects of the hop!!

  7. Love the little people! Is it a cut file or die cut? Or cut by hand? Cute project!

    1. I cut them by hand but I found some clip art that was similar and that's where I got the shapes.

  8. Wow! Love it! Great art of earth day!

  9. Love the colorful little people made from prints!

  10. love this! the little people are my favorite!

  11. this looks awesome! I love the lil people!

  12. Beautiful canvas ! I love the colourful people, all 'saying' a part of that great quote.